Arm Melter #3, May 24 2008

Wahoo 2 Sportsbar Belleville, Ontario

Right Arm
1st Jeremy Johnston
2nd Kerry Donaldson
John Fintan(DQ)
Mike Megill(DQ)
1st Anatoly Skodtaev
2nd Allan Ford
3rd Dave Ferguson
4th Jeremy Johnston
5th Matt Goldfarb
6th Trevor Smith
7th Daylan Thomas
8th Dave Drumm
9th Chris Mills
10th Kerry Donaldson
11th Dan Farrow
12th Andrew Scott
1st Ian Carnegie
2nd Dave Drumm
3rd Jeremy Johnston
4th Daylan Thomas
5th Kerry Donaldson
6th Jacob Windover
7th Tony Brooks
8th Dan Farrow
9th Chris Mills
10th Trevor Smith
Ladies Right
1st Kristina Bourdage
2nd Tracey Drumm
Left Arm
1st Kerry Donaldson
2nd Jeremy Johnston
Mike Magill(DQ)
1st Anatoly Skodtaev
2nd Dave Ferguson
3rd Dave Drumm
4th Andrew Scott
5th Trevor Smith
6th Allen Ford
7th Daylan Thomas
8th Jeremy Johnston
9th Matt Goldfarb
10th Guy Windover
11th Kerry Donaldson
12th Chris Mills
1st Dave Drumm
2nd Daylan Thomas
3rd Matt Goldfarb
4th Tony Brooks
5th Jeremy Johnston
6th Kerry Donaldson
7th Jacob Windover
8th Guy Windover
9th Trevor Smith
10th Chris Mills
Ladies Left(2)
1st Kristina Bourdage
2nd Tracey Drumm

Promoter: Joe Gould
Scorekeeper: Rebecca Lyons


  • Troy Eaton
  • Guy Windover
  • Jeff Penney


Joe Gould vs Ian "The Grippler" Carnegie
Joe Gould wins 3-0, $100

Triple Elimination Weight Classes
OAA Sanctioned

Right Overall Champion($36.50)
Grippler Carnegie

Most Sportsmanlike Competitor($50)
Trevor Smith

Match of the Day
Allan Ford vs Anatoly Skodtaev